Japanese Publication: Nikkeidai Campus Guide. Motoi Shito. 2014
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Mathias Schmied’s Unique Art Made From Comic Books

Born in Switzerland, Mathias Schmied manipulates comic books and magazine images to create wall installations, collages and drawings.  His works are pop images transformed.  Cut-out graffiti and superheroes take on all new representation and meaning through Schmied’s cautious hand and razor blade.  The easily recognizable content of Schmied’s found images becomes confused through his dissection.  Pages where all real content has been removed feel empty and even somewhat sad.  Depicting only what’s left behind from superhero stories feels like the newspaper without the news.  We can only begin to guess at what’s going on.

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X-Ray Portraits by Ayako Kanda and Mayuka Hayashi

Intimate portraits of couples made with CT scans and X-ray machines.



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Amanda Berglund   |

"A fictional pizzeria rebranding concept. Pizza Presto is a breakfast pizzeria where you can get yourself a slice of pizza and coffee on your way to work. The graphic profile and the pattern are inspired by the colours of a sunrise, the sizzling sound of bacon, orange juice and fried eggs."

My name is Amanda Berglund and I’m a graphic designer, photographer and full-time dreamer. I’m a in design at HDK (School of Design and Crafts) in Gothenburg. When I’m not designing or taking photos I’ve had a little dream of becoming a DJ, which might come true sometime soon.

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Individual Deep Dish Peach Pies - Gourmet: July 1965
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Canvas  by  andbamnan